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We accept orders for freezing the raw material. Our 3 freezing tunnels with 11 t/h capacity are at your disposal. Our facilities comprise also a pre-cooling chamber to maintain proper quality of raw material during storage .


We provide services of sorting frozen products. Our  production lines are equipped with three laser sorters,  magnetic gates and metal detectors. High technology devices enable to remove very precisely all the impurities, also such defects as  wrong shape, colour or structure. Sets of sieves and calibrators  help  to obtain berries in required size range. Our qualified staff guarantees that the final product corresponds to the Client’s specification.


We offer confectioning of bulk products, including frozen food. The weight of our unitary package varies from 500 to 2500 g. We may use transparent foil as well as coloured, type PE/PE or PE/laminate. Foil width: 625, 525, 425 mm. It is possible to print on the bag label (73x55 mm) containing logo, product’s description, weight, best before date, bar code, etc.

We also have line for the manual packing of raspberry Extra into bags and punnets.


Our Clients are also offered to store their deep frozen products in temperature - 25°C. Our warehouse consists of  seven chambers with a total capacity of 12 thousand tons and constant temperature monitoring including two chambers with movable rack system 6 levels’ high with 8000 tons storage capacity.

Forwarding services

We may deliver the goods from our coldstore to any chosen point of destination. We arrange transport, prepare shipping documents, provide customs clearance. We speak Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.