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Our Coldstore is situated in Bełżyce (30 km from Lublin) in the region with many years tradition in berry fruit cultivation. That’s why we can always obtain raw materials of highest quality. Having our own collecting points  we cooperate with our suppliers monitoring their cultivation methods and fruits quality on every level of their growth.


Our offer includes:

  • - cultivated frozen berries (IQF): strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, wild strawberry, blackberry, rhubarb, chokeberry
  • - forest frozen (wild) berries (IQF): blueberry, blackberry, lingonberry, cranberry, elderberry
  • - frozen berry-mixes (IQF)
  • - frozen sliced champignons (IQF)

In order to provide our Clients with goods which fulfil their requirements we constantly invest  in increasing our employees skills as well as in expanding our premises and modernization  of our production equipment.

Our production lines include:

  • - three fluidization tunnels for deep freezing
  • - static freezing chamber
  • - sorting lines equipped with five sorting machines working on the basis of laser and lamp technology, magnetic frames and metal detectors
  • - automatic packing line forproducts in retail packages 500 -2500 g
  • -  frozen champignons production line.

Fruits processing may  run in 5 separate chambers at the same time. This allows us to prepare different assortments simultaneously and react immediately to our receivers urgent requests.